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The next question is...

Will MS miss the boat yet again?

Will their Windows Software for ARM Cpu's be so locked down as to be next to useless?

etc etc etc

And then there is as the article says, Apple going about the transition in their own way, taking their time and trying (sic) to bring their devs along with them. The recent updates to XCode allowing MacOS to be an ARM target shows a level of commitment that is somehow lacking (or is there but hidden) from the likes of MS. At this point in time and sad as it may seem to many, it looks like Apple MacOS/Arm migration is the benchmark that the others have to meet. Sure, they have the money to do it properly but Mac's are only a small part of their business as we all love to crow about at results time.

This space is going to get interesting in the next 18-24 months. Intel really need to be taking a long hard look at their company and get on with deciding where it should go next. Making stonking CPU's for Gamers (hey nVidia that applies to you as well) is a limited (but at the moment lucrative) market. Where is the real volume going to come from?

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