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By "notepad", do you mean tablet with handwriting recognition capability? If so, why this chipset and why Chrome OS? First, you're likely going for lots of battery life, but the 25 hour estimate/exaggeration is for a laptop which can have a bigger battery. Most tablets don't have as large a battery because they have to put that all in the screen bit, making it really thick, whereas the laptop can put it in the keyboard bit. If someone wanted such a tablet with really nice battery life, they could of course make it thicker, but it might be better just to use a lower-power processor since it's designed mostly for writing.

For the software, Chrome OS seems ill-suited for, well a lot of things, but this task is one of them. If it's intended to be a notepad, I.E. frequently used to write documents, you want as much availability, speed, and power conservation as you can get. For example, interpreting writing in real time can be complex, so a recognizer that runs in native compiled code on the device itself is going to be fastest and use the least power. One which runs on the device but in JavaScript is going to be slower and will put more weight on the processor, whereas one that runs on the cloud will only work when the device is online, include a latency problem, and unnecessarily use power communicating with said server. While Chrome OS has been grudgingly adding some of this, most other OSes are significantly more eager to use the device for processing. Linux, Android, or Windows would all be able to do the job much better, especially given that the latter two have both had manufacturers who have invested in handwriting input quite a lot.

Maybe you want something which is different from what I think you want. If I'm correct, however, I don't think your suggested approach is the best one.

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