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Re: There won't be laptops with 25 hour battery life...

Its a bit like the battery life on mobile phones or smart watches. From my point of view being able to get through a full day is vital (for phone/watch that probably means 18 hours use with a bit of charge left at the end - for a laptop then its more like 8-10 hours for a working day). Next being able to go two day is great - almost guarantees no issues if you charge every night + you can cope if you either forget to charge or you have a charger fail ( find you didn't quite push the charge cable in properly or the watch didn't quite sit correctly on its charging dock etc). After that my view is additional battery life isn't much benefit until your getting to kindle levels where you've several week use and when charghe starts to get low you've still got a few days to find a charger. So 25 hours for a laptop is in the nice to have category but not really a massive step up from 8-10 hours.

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