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It's far worse than that.

"The project failure left the SPPA "unable to progress strategic, business and workforce plans as originally intended" and it therefore required an additional revenue budget of £9.8m between 2019/20 and 2022/23, as well as capital allocations of £13.6m "

So it's 6.3 + 2.4 + 9.8 + 13.6 for a grand total of £32.1 million. And Capital paid back £0.7m.

So yeah, get project, fail to deliver, profit from not having to pay back more than a tenth of what it got and impose four times the amount in cost to the organization that was foolish enough to trust it.

One of these days, the British Isles are going to get the message. One of these days.

Any time now, just you wait and see.

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