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Dating apps swiped left on Pakistan’s request to clean up their acts, bans followed

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Really? How would that work? Let's simulate it. You are in a house, representing Pakistan. To be nice, I'll give you five separate internet connections in that house. I run all of them, and I'm blocking specific traffic on all five. Now you can play whack-a-mole with me if you want by using VPNs or the like, but you want the internet to solve your problem for you. So how does your fixed internet prevent me from blocking packets when I control all the lines along which packets might come?

The internet does route around damage, accidental damage that is. It doesn't route around someone deliberately damaging it thoroughly enough that it can't route around. That's why we have things like VPNs so intentional blocking can be circumvented. It requires effort because the thing you're trying to combat is complex. No matter what automatic system you create, a sufficiently motivated person can take it down.

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