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NetApp's ATG group was started in 2004

Steve Kleiman, the then CTO, went on a 3 month leave of absence and gave me the keys to the T-bird. :-)

I started building the core of the group, and one fantastic hire was Garth Goodson (Sep 2004) from the Parallel Data Lab at CMU - then under Greg Ganger. I had missed Jiri Schindler the previous year's top CMU PDL grad, he had went to EMC - but we lured him to NetApp to work in the ATG group later. I could swear there was a third one in this chain, but we eventually grabbed John Strunk also from Greg's Lab.

The driving metrics for ATG were the Three P's: Products, Patents and Papers. The group was a patent machine. The work on latent sector errors (An Analysis of Data Corruption in the Storage Stack) was fundamental, and a collaboration of Lakshmi, Garth, Bianca Schroeder and andrea and Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau.

Good times. Good times.

Do links work - this links isn't long for the world...

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