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If I read it correctly, it's not Chinese carriers close to US waters, it's the other way around.

You aren't reading it correctly, and I suspect deliberately. I am not disputing that US carriers are in the South China Sea, but that is International Waters that the Middle Kingdom is trying to annex by building artificial islands. Any US or other western naval presence is to remind Beijing that it has no right to spread its borders and thus threaten other countries in the region. And yes, Taiwan is another country. IIRC the UN has ruled on the status of the South China Sea, but as far as I can see China is more or less ignoring that ruling.

Having some difficulties with geography makes me think you might be a proud citizen of the greatest democracy on the planet.

I am not having any difficulties with my geography; neither am I a US citizen; you are wrong on both counts.

I await your response once your government has told you what it is.

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