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Impersonating users of 'protest' app Bridgefy was as simple as sniffing Bluetooth handshakes for identifiers


Party Like It's 1993!

From what I've read on the mater, Bridgefy was originally meant as an app for communicating or passing emergency information in places and situations where mobile coverage and internet were scarce. With that purpose of a "text-based walkie-talkie" in mind, perhaps it didn't have to be super secure and anonymous. However, when it started being used in situations where the communication and users were expected to be cybersecurity targets, it's rudimentary and flawed communication encryption became woefully inadequate.

"Fun" fact: according to ArsTechnica, the encoding method utilized by the app was introduced in 1993 and deprecated in 1998! How on Earth?!?!?! How does a modern app end up using something that was deprecated over 20 years ago?!

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