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3 dimensional space denial...

That's the point, do the calculation with your existing model, get an impossible number, realize there's a problem with the model you have. Twiddle with the model to add an exception ^h^h^h^h^h say "that's interesting" and rethink the model afresh based on the full set of new observations without preconditions.

Still on my scavenger hunt list: Find symmetric anomalies relative to the observer. So look one way, find a +ve anomaly (e.g. a tiny shift in an emission line) go to the other side of the planet, look the opposite way and find the -ve anomaly. To be seeing a universe wide effect like that, we would have to be in the center of the universe for it to be symmetrical relative to us observers here on earth, which is ridiculously unlikely. It's our motion over the universe field.

Group the effects, how many axis do you have? 1?2?3?4?.... I know there is already the background radiation anomaly (3 such axis, Google [Axis of evil cosmology]), but that's been dismissed as measurement/analysis error, but you should be able to find it in everything. The axis' you find, they're not at right angles to each other right? They're not independent right?

Also I still want periodicity in this matter emission (~aka the wobble). Imagine the black hole wobbling and spinning, what does the wobble look like? Simple? Complex? How many harmonics? Can you analyse the harmonics from the bubbles, which I assume are at the limits of the wobble?

For our outer enclosing blackhole it is one harmonics, but are there blackholes that are 2, 3, 4?

You see where I'm going with this.

Why are there 3 dimensions?

Are there always 3 dimensions in all universes?

Will there always be 3 dimensions for us or can it change dimensionality?

Are 3-space dimensions actually independent or have we just built our local physics model erroneously that way?

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