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Fusion boffins apply plasma know-how to building thrusters

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Nice try Sir, but you didn't engage Rimmer as consultant, did you?

I worked a while for a waferfab equipment manufacturer, where plasma etching and deposition were both used for key steps in microchip manufacture. My happy tasks were RF power matching into the plasmas and RFI suppression of the bloody consequences. First thing I did with all the design engineers was remind them (tactfully) of their GCSE physics, 'cos electromagnetism knows more dirty tricks than were dreamed of in their philosophies.

One thing I will say; these processes are all inherently grossly inefficient. If your chamber walls don't get eaten away then they will get crudded up. Get the balance perfect and half gets eaten and spat back out to crud up the other half. "Joy unbounded" as the late Stanley Holloway would say, "absolume tremedoso magnifamble in the practicauiflower" or similar.

This happy-slappy chappie reckons he can get all the way to Mars. Not relying on his plasma thruster for maximum warp he won't, Captain. He'll burn most of a Saturn V lifting his power supply to where he can switch on the leccy without falling backwards, then he'll find he is limited to sending the ship's cat in Starbug's escape capsule (ain't it th' truth, Mister Lister, Sir?) Oh, and wouldn't it be nice if he could get the cat back again, too? I have a soft spot for Danny John-Jules...

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