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You do sound Martian and dont make sense. .... Anonymous Coward

Whereas that observation of yours can be easily accepted, AC, what you have to look out for, and be prepared for, for it will be surprisingly shocking, is it making much more than just a lot of sense to a vital few who be much more than merely capable of enabling and sustaining the types of leading programs and super impositions expounded.

And I can't say that any plainer, and it certainly makes sense even if one doesn't actually know exactly what it might be referring to.

And there are of course, some things one is best not knowing anything about because they be feared and/or considered extremely dangerous and subversive/coersive and immersive and disruptive, and thus they need to be, for all the good reasons beloved of protectors and security, more than just a tad obscure and unusual/irregular and unconventional.

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