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Xi Jinping again urges China to home-grow more ‘core’ tech, faster

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Anonymous Coward

Plain English please

You do sound Martian and dont make sense.

What I gather from the article is that it is the American greed that gave rise to this monster Capitalist (China - communist?) by outsourcing everything there at cheaper cost, to satisfy the huge consumer appetite of the US and protect their margins at the urgings of Wall street wolves. All in the name of globalisation.

Now that China is teaching them the same few tricks and lessons of globalisation (mass productions and econmies of scale), by supplying most things to most countries cheaply, the same Yanks cant stomach their rise and wealth and ambitions. They are fast learners and why wouldnt they milk USA (and others) from the technology transfers that the same Yanks gave them to manufacture cheaply,

Trump had a point, but its too late . China has a momentum of its own now and can survive and innovate to its hearts delight. Like it or not, the genie is outta the bottle.Suck it up or preapre for a WW3, if the white house gangster has his way.

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