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Xi Jinping again urges China to home-grow more ‘core’ tech, faster

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Go East, Create a Fortune and Flirt with Maiden GeoPolitical Dangers

..... with All Manner of Rotten CapitalistICQ Whores in Tow

That's surely great news for core technologists unenamoured and/or disengaged by the West too. Another virgin opportunity with an enthusiastic partner fully appreciative of the novel help in postmodern systems of greater social engineering.

Any simple lead in any one of those core technology fields has one creating the possibility of being overwhelmingly influential and inordinately powerful. That's bound to be extremely attractive to some, who may be also be many, and much more than just a chosen few.

Methinks that has one skirting around quantum communications fields given the nature of the Qubit and the then fact rather than fiction that a this can be a that and together something else too superpositioning which be fundamentally different and classically imposing ...... and quite naturally most probably also capable of being an almighty disruptive and creatively destructive development in a brave new world field. And that makes such an internetworking thing, immeasurably valuable and cheap at whatever cost imagined and price gladly paid.

But quite normal for these strange times and spaces in which we are all living nowadays with Odays and RATs practically and virtually everywhere one cares to turn. 'Tis just the simple nature of the complex beast.

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