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Another reason is that Liberty Global, having paid billions, need to show their shareholders a return on investments. Hence the constant price rises and cost cuttings.

Multi billion Pounds takeovers/mergers/ etc are never intended for the benfit of customers, but purely for the shareholders/ Brokers/Financiers arranging the deals. Load a company with debt financing and high gearing, and pull the plug, when convenient and sell it on after asset stripping.

Beardie made his money and settled in Necker Island. Now its the turn of the new owners to squeeze every penny before offloading VM. All in the name of efficiency, synergy, consolidation etc, or whatever the new jargon catchword is at the time.

Consumers end up paying for all their shenanigans and indulgences. There is no incentive to invest and grow the business organically.

Ditto mobile networks. Paid for the spectrum licences, but are now reluctant to invest more in the infrastructure necessary to ACTUALLY make 5G work and prevalent, as per their blurbs. All mouth. Even the 4G potential has not been fully realised. IF this was so, one wouldnt need 5G speeds, for the most part.

Go figure.

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