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The willy waving comes from being *smug* about being self-taught, and a certain level of arrogance from not having to *pay* someone else to teach them.

If you can convince a company you know what you are doing, you don't *need* Industry certs/degree/ A-levels/GCSEs. The problem is that the hiring companies *themselves* often don't know what they are doing, so use certs as a proxy for measuring ability/performance.

So some companies rely on certs. They are trusting a cert company that the box ticking exercise is legit, so they can do *their own* box ticking exercise in HR/Legal.


Remember, the object of the game is to convince someone to pay *you* a lot of money.

Cert companies want you to pay *them* money, so they market the certs:

a) to *companies* to convince them that folk with these certs know what they are doing

b) to *you* stating that these companies will pay top dollar for people with those certs.

Your certificate buys you marketing budget with your prospective employers. If you don't need that, you don't need the cert.

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