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CREST exam cheat-sheet scandal: New temp chairman at UK infosec body as lawyers and ex-copper get involved

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Very very annoying...

Its really annoying for me, because I am a holder of some CREST certs, and I did both when not attached to a larger company, the hard way, by studying independently and honing my craft (I'm not by day a windows bod so I had to pull up my socks on that side of the OS divide).

Now after all that work, I'm going to be in a interview and someone will see CREST on the cv and think "oh he'll be one of those ncc cheats" or it happens everywhere.

I hope CREST properly and fully crucify NCC in the name of all the honest people who did their certification.

Meanwhile I'm pretty glad I also took offsec certs, because a) they're fairly well known outside the UK in comparison to CREST, and b) their reputation isn't tarnished by this mess..

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