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Most American Universities are floating on a sea on money that would dwarf the income of a small nation --- particularly Stanford ( $6.5 billion ) and California U ( $7.5 billion ). Utah U has an endowment of $1.225 billion and a budget of $4.83 billion. This payment is nothing to the wealthy --- which in the present world includes most of America.

I recently referenced an article by Matt Taibbi, in a 2009 piece * he explained Obama gave $306 billion to Citigroup in the bailout after appointing Citigroup people to Team Obama. He was widely applauded for this by his fellow countrymen, but the fact is this is an unimaginable sum for most people. The University has to consider the best outcome, and very very often the best way to solve a problem is to throw money at it.


The president, Dr. Ruth V. Watkins, makes more than this in base pay each year, $537,245.

Maybe they could invest in paying their lesser workers --- including IT staff --- rather more than the least they can get away with.




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