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I'll agree here.... vermin media cable is rather good... in areas not built by vermin media but merely taken over by them

However they do rather let themselves down.... partly on price , but mostly by their appalling customer 'service' line

Took them ages to fix my landline, and that after spending 30 mins trying to explain to them that the problem is in the cabinet at the end of the road, since the landline was fine until their 'engineer' did some work to it and now the landline does'nt work.

They insisted the fault was in my house and that i was in for their engineer(starts laughing) to come and check the line.

Managed to get to 2nd line of support and explained to them my line went in the frame close to the cabinet door hinge and if the guy was'nt careful shutting the door, it would pull my line out and about 6 others too.

It was fixed the next day.

(oh and it really pisses me off that the guys and girls in the indian call center claim their name is 'roger' or 'carol' ... let them use their real names ffs )

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