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Making Use of the 240/4 Netblock

Dear Colleagues:

0) Thank you all for the generous guidance, suggestion, comment, etc. through the past discussions on this forum. Below are URLs to two updates:

1) This is a discussion about the state of the IPv6 based on publicly available statistics.

2) This is a report on the possible use of the long-reserved but hardly-used 240/4 netblock and its implications.

3) We are keenly aware that our approach is rather unorthodox. However, please consider the proposed architecture as a newly created full spherical layer of cyberspace consisting of RANs (Regional Area Networks), between the current Internet proper and the subscriber premises. Each RAN is defined around one 240/4 netblock. Regarded as a private / independent environment, much of the existing Internet protocols, conventions, restrictions, etc. may be repurposed from a revised perspective in the RAN.

4) Hope you will enjoy exploring this new facility.

Feedback will be much appreciated.

Abe (2020-08-22 09:59 EDT)

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