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There is no official kernel level support for ZFS. There is an separate project, from which end users are free to download and install kernel modules to their heart's content, but the Linux kernel doesn't want to, and indeed can't have anything to do with it, due to license incompatibilities.

Why should there be a "call to arms" if the prospective contributor has put (charitably assuming) minimal effort into preparing the contribution to be usable, and better alternatives already exist?

Because it's a gift. So far as I can tell the prospective contributor has nothing to lose if Linux declines to incorporate the patch into the kernel mainstream. Why should they bend over backwards to please the Linux kernel community? Ever heard the phrase, "Never look a gift horse in the mouth?". Better stuff for NTFS may exist - for varying definitions of "better", but that's not the point (and any FUSE based solution isn't exactly going to be very performant).

Linus has already raised concerns about having enough manpower in the Linux kernel project, and it's easy to understand why; everyone needs to make a living, and the munificense of those companies who donate labour can be stretched only so far. If no one is willing to stand up and do extra work, Linux will end up missing out on things.

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