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DHS head has no authority

Except the DHS head has no authority to authorize squat. He isn't legally the head of the DHS, and cannot spend its Congregational approved budget.

Which means you don't have to follow his orders, and following his orders does not save you in any subsequent trial, since you've been made aware that he is not legally in charge of that department.

"The Government Accountability Office said Wolf and Cuccinelli assumed those jobs under an order of succession that was issued by an acting secretary who himself had no authority to hold his job. That former acting head was Kevin McAleenan, who took over after the last Homeland secretary to be confirmed by the Senate, Kirstjen Nielsen, resigned."

My point here is Wolf is the guy Trump's tapped for his militia, and he sent out border police to make unlawful arrests in Portland, hide their badges, shoot moms and journalists in the face. None of those border police have any legal cover for their actions. Wolf is not the head of the DHS.

When you bypass the legal process to appoint your cronies, and they are not legally in charge.

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