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Re: "AWS suggests the cloudy option for complex algos that use 34 or more qubits"

What kind of real world problem can you solve with 34 qubits? Suggestions please. ..... Mike 137

Presenting Future Views to Current Worlds is not a problem for quantum machinery/virtual infrastructure operating systems.

Indeed, such is well considered as a novel approach for adoption of future events, which many may fear as being of a highly disruptive/revolutionary/evolution quantum leap order, which be just a stunting worry of one's own making.

the adoption of an expeditionary mindset that can project operational capability and enhanced analytic connectivity in both physical and virtual venues (Responsive Presence). .... A concept floated in the Foreword to a 2009 Report here

Can you imagine what over a decade of experiment and experience has delivered to such a program since then ? Whatever you think, at least square it, and cube it again to be anywhere near being correct.

And that Creates and Delivers ITs own Unique Sets of Almighty Problems To Resolve with Practically Perfect Solutions. A Most Engaging and EMPowering Field of Virtual Endeavours it is too. And thoroughly commendable to the nth degree.

There's not many who can honestly say that so assuredly.

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