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I worked at Datrium for a couple years and the place was a joke. The tech was decent, but they thought they were going to be a real competitor in the HCI space. They even tried to differentiate themselves by calling it "Open Convergence" but nobody bought into that. They were just another piece of HCI kit. It wasn't until the pivot into DRaaS that anybody gave a damn about them, but that was too little, too late.

After a couple years, I could tell the place was going nowhere. Several of the people who left around the same time I did commented that Datrium would never be worth more than a few very hundred million, and knowing what they got acquired for, even that was overly generous.

I don't blame VMware for picking up Datrium's IP for a bargain basement price. It was a smart move on their part. I also think it's a smart move on their part to gut the hardware and just take the software IP and integrate it into their own products. In the end, Datrium's solution wasn't worth much, otherwise they would have sold more and been acquired for more. They were just yet another wanna be storage player who ended up in the trash bin. Good riddance.

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