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DeX on WIN10 is a total piece of crap! After years this is still beta! First connectivity problems, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't – Sammy even foresaw that with a recurring tip to reinstall the Samsung driver if it doesn't connect. Second you can't resize the virtual desktop other than with their predefined proportions. Third, even though Android handles windowed apps with free resizing nicely (even on the phone – long press in the task switcher) you must close the app and restart it to display on DeX. Fourth I only just figured out: it works well only on the laptop's screen – at home that's usually closed and I use an external monitor, on which DeX regularly gets confused about its layout, making clicks go at things you don't see. Fifth, in full-screen both DeX's toolbar as well as the app's "title-bar" slide in one over the other, which is not too bad. But the app's quickly disappears again, even if you're already hovering it with the mouse. And when you do manage to click the app's unmaximize button, it also clicks whatever button the app has under that spot. %&@$!!!

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