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Fast food and IT just don't mix

A couple of weeks ago, I tried to place a pre-order with Burger King via their mobile (cr)app. It wouldn't let me checkout, trying to tell me they were out of chicken nuggets, basic cheeseburgers, and fries (all for the kids) but my special combo was apparently okay.

Frustrated, I tried McD's (cr)app, and got everything in place, but it would not accept the missus' credit card, and gave no reason why, just "card not saved".

Doubly frustrated, I ended up driving (like a madman) to the Arches, getting the kids' food -- none for me; too angry to eat -- and paying with said card (hmm, went through just fine...).

After getting back home, I decided that in addition to health and taste, and given BK's many previous order screwups, fast food is no longer worth my business. Some places I'll visit for the kids, but I pledged to never again personally eat Burger King, Wendy's, KFC, or even Taco Bell, or any other similar "restaurant".

Notes: [1] McD wasn't in that final list because I already actively avoided their sheer blandness, except for the fries. [2] Some exceptions exist, notably Chick-fil-A, which will any day build the promised location within 5 miles of home instead of 25, and possibly Arby's and Jersey Mike's Subs. [3] While I do love some grease and salt in the morning -- mmm, hash browns -- I'm banning breakfast also.

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