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UK utility Thames Water splashes cash as host of IT consultancies appointed to handle £100m worth of deals

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Liquid Fluid Diversification ....... for Virtual River Course Management

The initial contract notice put the maximum anticipated price on the deals at £100m. The money is split between eight contract "lots" covering digital product teams; tooling to develop new data-driven analytical models, algorithms, dashboards and visualisations; and implementation of new business applications, services and associated processes, to undertake major changes to current and legacy applications and deliver associated infrastructure solutions.

And whenever all of that is already delivering product and services covering all of those disciplines ...... Assisting Support Programs Supplying Future Provisions for Advanced Virtual Product Realisation ....... Creative Media ProgramMING Presentation?

What realistic empowering sum would be granted to explore and expand upon the workings with the prime novel source lodes* of that subcontractor? More than just quite quiet pretty penny, methinks. And worth every darned farthing too, methinks also reasonably fair.

* Virgin Ware Fare is surely Almighty Immaculate Sourcing.

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