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There's been a lot of similar commentardery with two common themes:

(1) I've spent my entire sad and geeky life buried in data. Why can't these people do what I do?

(2) Biologists should be able to deal with this.

Please remember that these people are just Lusers. They have all the aspects of the vast herd of non-biologists who drive the average IT support person to drink on a daily basis.

Your average Luser will, early on, learn to use a word processor and spread sheet at a very simple level and will then be bound by the few functions that they learned for the rest of their working life.

Trying to break them of the habit, or educate them, is a way to profound despair.

Hammer/nail. Financial people will do everything in a spreadsheet, however unsuitable this seems. Marketing people will use PowerPoint in a similar way.

Deciding to change what you can control instead of another decade or more of fighting what you can't control seems eminently sensible to me.

Just thinking about it makes me need ->

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