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"I don't know why you think scientists who are experts in their field, should be any better at office software than they are say at plumbing or arc-welding."

They should because the office software is part of their job. Now probably it shouldn't be that big a part, but if they insist on using Excel for their database, then they need to know how to use it for the database-style things they intend to do. Column typing is one of those things.

I'm a programmer. I only need to know how to write code, so I shouldn't have to know very much about infrastructure which I don't administer, right? We probably all know programmers like that. Yet that knowledge is crucial to understanding how my code will be working and therefore making my products useful. It isn't a thing specifically named in my job description, but if I don't know how to do it, I am not as good an employee.

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