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I work in the tech department of a Fortune 500 company in the USA.

Can't even get people to use 24H clocks, let alone ISO 8641 date format...

Having grown up in Europe, where even a six-year-old knows how to tell time in 24H, I'm baffled by the insistence here on using am and pm. At first I thought it was just my unfamiliarity with the system, but it wasn't long before I noticed US-born colleagues oversleeping because they thought the dot on their alarm clock meant am, not pm. Or missing planes because they got to the airport 12 hours late. Or setting up a cron job to restart a server in the middle of the night, only to have it go down at 15:00.

And if I got a penny for all the times I've been asked if 00:00 is the end of the day or the beginning of the day...

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