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Note that I didn't say I liked Excel. I don't. In fact, I never use it. Not for over ten years.

However, the reality is that for the vast majority of users it is behaving exactly the way they need/want it to behave. And for the few who don't like the default behavio(u)r, it can be changed to whatever they want it to do (in this particular case, anyway).

But no. Instead the gene researchers are going to change the nomenclature that the entire planet has been using for decades. Who, exactly, is going to re-write (and then pay to publish & distribute) all of the textbooks and other documentation to reflect this change? Or are they going to turn it into a giant clusterfuck because they can't be arsed to learn how to use the proper tool for the job?

If the job is important to you, LEARN TO PROPERLY USE THE PROPER FUCKING TOOLS TO DO THAT JOB OR BE PREPARED TO FAIL MISERABLY! How fucking hard is this to understand?

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