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Provides a useful tool

I have been fortunate enough to work for a University Lab doing medical research.

One of the researchers asked me (a few years ago now) for a 4k laptop and 64bit office.

As you can imagine this was an arm and a leg, and at the time 64 Bit office was as stable as a very unstable thing.

When I asked why, he showed me ( I don't pretend to understand a fraction of what they do other than it was really important work for Diabetes ). They import the data then use the conditional colours to see the various gene snips.

It can make it much more obvious where changes / outliers are. you look down the column of red and see a blue indicates a different gene snip that can possibly indicate the faulty \ different gene sequence. Much easier than looking down a list of numbers \ letters

Knowing I was helping people in a very small way did sort of help my soul recover after working for _ing Lawers.

Beer (or Non Alcoholic beverage of their choice I know some of them don't drink, but the others take up their share ) for all the wonderful medical workers \ researchers trying to find cures for all kinds of stuff.

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