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You would lose a lot of talent, skills, various ways of seeing the world, and thus insights, if the only people who were allowed to be scientists were IT literate to a certain level. However, there some issues to be sorted out.

In a similar vein, a good number of working scientists aren't statisticians, and can as a result fall into traps. Some universities therefore employ some full time statisticians for researchers to consult.

So perhaps the answer is to educate scientists in IT enough so that they know what they don't know, and thus seek assistance - and then provide said assistance. Of course, the learning would go both ways, with the IT specialists learning about the sort of issues in IT the scientist in his or her field might come across in their workflow*.

*And that's another thing - if you're at the cutting edge of something, you don't always adhere to an established work flow. You might carefully record data in a logbook (or Excel file) out of habit, but only discover it to be significant down the line when something surprising has happened.

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