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CAMRA in their early days did very important work, but it's been 'Mission Successful' for several decades now - tied pubs were allowed guest ales, and real beer is widely available. (Though law of unintended consequences is that many pubs sold off by the big breweries were bought by pub companies, whose chief business model is squeezing their publicans by always increasing the rent).

Many CAMRA members are now 'tickers' - those who prize variety over quality (if a pub only offers a constantly revolving selection of beers, there is no dynamic that rewards a really good beer since a drinker won't know which pub to go to to find it. Most of these 'craft' breweries use cheap drum-malted barley as opposed to the traditional and labour-intensive floor malted barley). For them it is a hobby like stamp collecting, not a campaign.

Real ales are alive and well, it is our real pubs that are under threat - and CAMRA would do well to focus on that. Pub companies are one issue, as is the beer price escalator that successive governments have adhered to. If they sincerely thought alcohol consumption was a public health issue, they would put more tax on supermarket booze instead of pricing people out of pubs and community engagement.

Of course in the current situation, in many sectors, many people's jobs and passions are under threat. I would note though that regular pub users are able to talk civilly with others of varying lifestyles and political views - unlike many a Twitter user.

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