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Quite so, Neil Barnes. Such invites CHAOS with Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems with Virtual Machinery in AI Command and Control of/with ....... well, honestly, Futures, both Virtual and Physically Realised for Universal Presentation via Mass Media Documenting the Novel Means and Memes and Acquired Future Skills Required for Onward Further Greater Travails.

:-) Taking one into the Realms of Heavenly Tasks and Hellish Delights. A Perfumed Garden of Immaculate Desires

I would agree with you, NB, that an ACTive Control of that would be extremely advantageous ..... thus not to be severely disadvantaged in the Wakes of Any Current Running ACTivities able to Feature and Realise such as Results in All of that Above and the Much More Yet to Come.

As a Universally Resourceful Asset, Utterly Priceless ........ and a Right Pretty Penny worth every Red Cent Spent :-)

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