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Yes. Perhaps that was meant to be "he was breeding lizards". But who knows. Lungs are vulnerable to nasty diseases and infiltrations, a trained squad of cleaners to go in there and tidy up might be useful.

I think I heard about another book or series about a clever female junior scientist or possibly it was this one, but it was at least a little while ago. I listen to BBC including their World Service, national channel Radio 4, and archive of older programmes on Radio 4 Extra, so something that came past me more than once could be in any of those. But it seems not to be Dawn French or Lucy Hawking or any of this year's guests on "The Life Scientific". For instance, Stephen and Lucy Hawking wrote some children's adventures, but a boy named George seems to get all the title billing.

There are others; Dora the Explorer of course, "Dino Dan" on television was evolved into "Dino Dana", and Marvel Comics has: "Moon Girl" and her T-Rex dinosaur with which she swaps minds INCONVENIENTLY, Nadia Van Dyne and her "Genius In action Research Labs" team who are older, Ironheart the teenage female Iron Man, Valeria Richards of the Fantastic Four, and Squirrel Girl (who mainly knows about computers and squirrels) - though these were mostly paused after a while and then there was COVID-19 and no comics. But I'm sure they'll be all right.

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