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Is El Reg georestricting stories?

Marco Fontani (Written by Reg staff)

Jake already eloquently put it :)

ElReg's homepage has three "editions": US/CA, AU/NZ and GB/Rest Of World.

The US and GB editions have been there from the start best I can tell; the AU edition is a bit more recent - it's only 10 years (and a few days) old.

When visiting the homepage you see a region-filtered view of what's been recently published for the homepage. So if you're visiting from the US you may see some stories which are mostly relevant to the US public, and mostly useless to a GB or AU (or indeed RoW) audience. Same goes for AU: some news are more appropriate for readers down under.

If you really want to read everything regardless of whether it's shown on the homepage for an edition, you can either look at the sections - which don't have editions, or at the Latest News page, which contains all the stories published in the last seven days, regardless of edition.

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