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Re: you never have to print the emai? For rather loose values of 'never'.

Two solutions:

1. Export your mailbox two or three times a year to your local storage.

2. Move your mail to a local storage. If you have Outlook and know how to use the archiving function in a sensible way, i.e. you set it to "move everything older than this date into Archive 2019.pst", and it works quite well. The default archiving settings are total trash though. Other mail clients have similar functions.

As for 2, I had the joy to force-migrate a customer away from an too weird Linux to Windows/Exchange in 2014, 200 MB Mailquota was one of the reasons. No irony, that Linux setup was an unstable Christmas tree, though not due to Linux, but rather how that Admin set it up. I had quite a few users which worked around that 200 MB Mailquota by moving their mail to local folders, and some had about 20 years of mail, i.e. > 15 GB in their Thunderbird local storage. Migrating that stuff back to where it gets backed up took quite some time.

Only the CEO and some others in high positions got 1 GB quota, which wasn't enough too - and one of the reasons why they were sick of it and their Admin. Including missing ActiveSync and a few other issues.

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