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Neither the ITU nor the FCC is dealing with the elements mentioned by the original post. Each concerns itself with telecommunications and radio frequencies, which are important, but not the original point. It's easy to turn off the radios when the satellite isn't orbiting over the right place. FCC happy, ITU happy enough, other countries' regulations not violated. Problem solved.

The problem mentioned, however, namely whether there's any controls on who can put what above us, is not solved. Neither organization has any stated goal of keeping space usage feasible let alone caring about what someone else should be allowed to do. And every other country with a space program similarly has no restrictions. If some country decides that it is useful for them to send up millions of satellites despite clear risks, they can do so without any restrictions. This could be a problem, especially as large countries aren't well-known for caring much about what happens to people in other ones. Then again, should a better space treaty include that provision, it probably would get ignored if needed; nobody's really sticking to the "no destroying other people's stuff and keep others in mind" parts.

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