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“Something magical happens”.....

Errr yeah. Same magical thing that would happen if a heavyweight boxer got in the ring with a flyweight. Both would punch as hard as they could, the flyweight might well land a couple of punches, but only one of them would hit the deck with their lights punched out. What are you, an idiot?

“Despite not being recorded in any crime statistics”. is. Men just don’t press charges as much. But the statistics of police *attending* (as opposed to prosecutions) are freely available, and show much more equality between the genders. Again, if you don’t think that could be extrapolated to men not calling the police in the first place, again, you’re an idiot. Except, oh look, you don’t have to extrapolate at all. You just have to look at research where men are *asked*, confidentially and anonymously, if they have ever been assaulted. And surprise, surprise, this has indeed been done, many, many times, and the results are freeLy available. I have been, and nearly half of all men I know have been. None enough to cause real damage, (my nose was broken but it didn’t actually hurt that much and mended fine thanks, and I didn’t want to tell my employer so I took the next day off, and that was the end of the relationship) or not that they have told me, but outside of a relationship every one of us would have pressed charges.

“Bloody evil women”

Yes, I think both men and women should report domestic violence. Except, it’s never that simple is it. Did you miss the part where I said both genders massively under-report? Any idea of some of the factors that cause that, for both genders? You talk like a child who has had very little contact with real relationships..

I cannot imagine what causes you to extrapolate the behaviour of a tiny minority of women and men, to the victim hating all women. Most of us have had a dozen (or dozens) of relationships. For one in three to have suffered violence at some point requires only, oooh, would you look at that, 4.2%-7.9% of women and men to be violent partners. Whodathunk it.

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