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The limited resource is communications frequencies. If you want to provide satellite internet in the US, you must apply to the FCC for frequencies. If you want to provide satellite internet in other countries you must apply to the equivalent of the FCC in those countries. Getting those frequencies is likely to depend on various thing like:

1) Demonstrating the ability to de-orbit satellites promptly at the end of their useful life.

2) Not using flaky paint

3) Deploying to a low orbit where defective satellites will re-enter the atmosphere in months.

4) Only moving working satellites up to their operating orbit.

5) Making an effort not to ruin every photograph taken by astronomers.

6) Whatever else people decide is a problem

Space is big. Really big. There are times when space is not big enough. The obvious example is when satellite operators all want to use the same orbit (geostationary) and communicate with those satellites with small dishes that receive from a wide arc across the sky. LEO constellations avoid this problem because the satellites are only hundreds of kilometres away, spread over two and a bit dimensions instead of one, the signal has less distance to spread out and the signal is weaker because at does not need to go 35000km to geostationary orbit.

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