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ISPs are often required to log what you are doing. There are tools to limit and restrict who knows how much of what but they require some paranoia, effort and technical skills to use. The same tools will work against Amazon internet pretty much as they do against any other ISP.

There are laws against unsolicited commercial bulk email. Using an ISP supplied bundled email address will cause it to be unbundled and charged for separately as soon as it becomes a significant hassle to get your friends to update to a new address for you. The solution is the same for Amazon as it is for any other ISP - get you own domain name.

It is possible that Amazon will one day get spanked for abuse of monopoly power. Judging from every other monopoly spanking, nothing will happen for 20 years, when something does happen it will not be a big deal and long before that people will be using cheap user friendly tools to sidestep the abuse.

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