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Equality of Violence

> Are you really trying to claim that women are equally violent to men, both in severity and occurrence of violent crime? Really? That's quite a stretch/fantasy there, don't you think?”

It’s an exceptionally well established fact that women are equally violent to men in occurrence rate, and severity of attack, but not in the physical impact of that severity. You’ve added the casual modifier “violent *crime*”, ie reported crime, implying that it’s the same thing. But it isn’t, as I think you very well know.

By far the majority of violent crime is domestic abuse.

According to the ONS, 7.9% of women and 4.2% of men suffered domestic abuse in 2018. About half of that was violent. That’s reported crime. However, women are three to five times more likely to report domestic abuse than men, as shown in literally dozens of studies.

Invert the numbers, and you see that most violent attacks *by far* are women on men. It’s roughly equal amongst the “serious” violent attacks. And out of those, only a minority end up with the victim in hospital, which is usually when a situation that’s been boiling up over several or even dozens of incidents finally gets reported to the police. That’s when the person with two broken ribs and a smashed jaw reports the crime, and that’s usually the woman.

None of this is very “nice”, but the truth should be spoken. Look at the statistics. Irrespective of what I’m saying about gender, 1 in 20 people *you know* have been beaten by their partner *this year* so badly they have had to report it to the police. You know these people, and you know that half a dozen of them *are* being domestically abused. Is it Chris? Is it Bill? Is it Fiona? How many people at work do you know, with Unexplained Beer, DIY or Football Injuries?

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