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Someone made an AI that predicted gender from email addresses, usernames. It went about as well as expected

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I was referring to equality legislation where sex is a protected characteristic, covering both male and female provision for single-sex activities and spaces

That wasn't apparent from your post. Yes, the Equalities Act 2010 avoids favouring any protected groups above any others. Still, perhaps you've forgotten this:

But since I raised gender bias in the law, let's return to that.

Are you really trying to claim that women are equally violent to men, both in severity and occurrence of violent crime?

Are you going to pretend that women can't commit violent acts just as bad as men? There have been female mass murderers, women have tortured people, women stab people. Perhaps you missed the farcical sentencing of Lavinia Woodward, or maybe you agree with the judge that women should be allowed to stab other women without censure:

Furthermore, the mitigating and aggravating circumstances surrounding offences could not be included in the statistical models.

But as I highlighted, what's an aggravating issue for a man becomes a mitigating circumstance for a woman. The models demonstrate this. You don't think mitigating circumstances account for an 88% difference in incarceration do you?

I'll assume you acknowledge that there may be genuine mitigating reasons for not imprisoning some people (mental health, disability, responsibility for children and family members, etc)

There are more men in prison with mental health issues in prison than women in prison. Not women with mental health issues, women. Full stop.

Responsibility for children and family members? Are you having a fucking laugh? Women get off because it would hurt their children, meanwhile London is full of kids stabbing each other because they're in single-parent households. Keeping men out of prison would reduce crime.

I assume you are off now to campaign for changes in sentencing or are you just going to post daft posts?

No, not a change in sentencing, just some basic equality in how the law is applied, and indeed, in the law not being fucking gendered. Have you seen the efforts by certain MPs to make the latest domestic violence bill explicitly gendered?

So, rape by a woman is now possible

It always was. Women demanded that the legal definition of rape be changed so that only men could be legally charged with rape, but women are capable of (and do) commit serious sexual assault, and I assure you that's no less serious or impactful on the victim than rape. Separating the two is an explicit gender divide in law that allows certain people to demand resources go into rape prevention, while hiding entirely the sexual abuses caused by women.

Meanwhile, compare the minimum sentence here with the sentence given for the equivalent to statutory rape by a woman here:

Now that is really going to mess up crime statistics and provisions for future incarceration. As worried about that? I suspect not.

If people commit crimes, they should face justice. I'm confused that you seem to think I wouldn't hold that view. Indeed, I'm very strongly promoting actual justice, without giving anybody an easier time because of their gender. Are you for or against such gender equality?

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