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"If only washing machines, phones, TVs etc were as well made today...!"

Yesterday I asked a local paving company to quote for a "simple" base for my additional new 8' x 4' (2.4m x1.2m) wooden garden tool shed. The answer was "Hmm - three days work - about £1800 - but you'll have to wait until October".

They did appear to want the job. I have heard others say that the base often costs more than the shed - in this case five times as much.

My existing 8' x 6' wooden garden shed was erected on a gravel/paving slab base laid quickly by the shed supplier. It is still solid after 40 years.

The real skill in any profession is knowing what is needed to meet the requirement. As Sir Lancelott Spratt said in a "Doctor" film - "It takes two years to learn how to go into the human body - and a life-time to learn when to stay out".

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