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A couple of jobs ago we had quite small desks in a tiny office and I acquired some sort of condition that caused me to regularly spill drinks on my desk for about the first eighteen months of working there. Once I sent an entire steaming mug of coffee straight onto (and into) the laptop. Before I could even manage to turn it upside down, the screen briefly flickered off and back on, waited a beat, then flickered off without returning. I yanked the power and set about dissembling it and towelled off and laid all of the components out on the desk while I used a spare.

Happy that they were sufficiently dry a couple of days later, I put it back together, plugged it in, hit the power button and it booted up without a trace of a problem. Fantastic stuff.

I didn't notice it until the I was debugging a particularly poorly-optimised SQL statement a couple of months later, but from then until the day I left the company any operation that put the CPU through its paces would be accompanied by the delicious smell of roasting coffee.

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