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Hack my phone, please

I just use my mobile as a phone with a couple of apps for my shopping list and calculating things. I even managed to get the carrier to shut off Text which I find a huge time waster more of the time than a useful feature. Mobiles are so easy to misplace or have stolen that I'd never put financial stuff on it. I make sure that any company I do business with that uses the number I am calling from as a form of ID has 2FA enabled. I was flabbergasted the first time a company told me that since my number was on file they could proceed with some transaction with no other verification.

I so paranoid that I don't sign up for paperless billing, auto-pay or do my accounting on my phone. I find the old slow manual way of using my desktop and a paper workflow gives me lots of backup should a vendor insist I haven't paid when I did. It also slows me down so I look at things. I know people that have had a water leak that ballooned their bills for months without noticing since it was on auto-pay. The same things have happened to a few where a discontinued subscription or membership was still billed long after they cancelled. They just direct deposited their paycheck and set the bills up to pay themselves when due.

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