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I must apologise if my attitude came over as pessimistic. I will be the first to acknowledge and rejoice at the surge of new activity in the space sector, as I am fairly certain I also did in my original comment.

Maybe it's just seeing the skeptical attitude that set in in the early 1970s, among the general public and politicians, with three ready-to-go Saturn V rockets and crew getting mothballed, the STS program only shuttling scientists to/from the ISS in LEO while the Russians did much the same with their 1960s rockets and capsules. It all felt like things had gotten stuck in a rut. Mind you, this with the disclaimer that I'm a child of the 90s, so I likely hit the right kind of interlude with the break-up of the USSR and no manned missions beyond LEO :)

Since SpaceX kicked up the dust back in 2010 onward, things have definitely begun to look up. Most of all that the general public is enthusiastic again about what this 'space' thing could mean for them and humanity as a whole. I also love SpaceX's attitude towards rocketry and everything connected to it, with the kind of down-and-dirty engineering as was common in the early years of the Space Race. Meanwhile setting record after record, not the least of which being landing entire first stages while making it look easy.

In that light I am absolutely optimistic about the future of humanity in space and I agree that this is like a second Space Age. I did however want to be thankful for those who have kept the 'torch' lit. Not just those behind the Voyager program, but also those with a vision beyond LEO :)

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