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My automated e-mails that went out to a given type of issue, also informed the users that external vendor sites are not under our control, if they go down, we don't have any control over when the site will be working again unless we get that information from the vendor & relayed out by a company wide e-mail.

The other was a lady, that got a replacement laptop (same model as HW failure) from me, I advised her that data should be backed up to the network, despite the fact there was very little on it, she responded that she had learned that lesson the hard way once before (in my predecessors day) & now ensured everything important was backed up, anything on the HDD was unimportant. I inherited the replacement ticket from my predecessor, so I remembered it well as first weeks on the job etc.

A couple of years later she got a new replacement laptop, shortly after that there was a kerfuffle over missing files* from her previous but one HDD failure & she was trying to pin the blame on me that I had swapped out her old to new laptop but not transferred her data. This I explained quite happily to the union rep defending her during her suspension & she was ultimately sacked.

*About 6 years of her visits & compliance audits of pharmaceutical sites world wide, that she had lost & spent a good 3 years of the time I was there covering up the loss. Any sympathy I had for her evaporated the moment she via the proxy of the union rep started trying to pin the blame on me.

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