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Is El Reg georestricting stories?

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Re: Is El Reg georestricting stories?

I've noticed this occasionally over the years, but not enough to comment on it.

The "missing" articles are (almost?) always in /Week/, and are always available under their various sub headings, in this case /bootnotes/ and /data_center/networks/

The way I see it, the front page variations are similar to the ages-old practice of localized versions of dead-tree newspapers, and aren't really anything to worry about. There are only so many column-inches to put stories into[0]. If you think you absolutely, positively must see all the articles, use /Week/ ... Obviously EReg may have another explanation.

Besides, sometimes page three is more important than the front page ... ElReg is still a red-top, after all.

[0] Yes, I know that digital publications don't have the same physical size limitations as dead-tree newspapers ... but humans will only scroll so far.

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