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Re: Which is why I always turn off email sigs...

There is one thing far worse than an email signature in an email and it's...

See below:

What follows is a conversation between at least 7 or 8 people, usually representing three or four different organisations, none of which you really know. Theres a bit of light hearted office banter, plus some exceptionally dull humour, all of which you are expected to troll through to find the nugget of information you really need in a vain attempt to enlighten your miserabe existence.

I personally, don't sign up to this mantra, replying with a 'Please explain what you really want me to do' as amiguousness and error loom along with usually fairly severe consequencies.

Really, I'd like to tell them to stop being so f'ing lazy and skip the bile they just forwarded to me and cut to the chase.

Or I ring them up to inform I accidentally deleted it. But there you go, see below justifies global thermo nuclear war because only that will wipe it for eternity.

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